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What is Intek?

Intek is an innovative IT engineering institute located in HCMC.

It brings from Europe & the US a new way of learning: at Intek there are no teachers or classes, but a stimulating environment designed to nurture your talent. We focus both on technical excellence and soft skills, to turn you into a fully qualified engineer.

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Challenge yourself

Do you enjoy coding? Do you want to kick-start a great career and become the engineer all companies want? If you are ready to challenge yourself in a professional & exciting environment, then join us for the Flagship Year.

The Flagship Year is Intek's first class of outstanding students, who will proudly carry the flag of the visionary Institute. All students accepted into Intek during the Flagship Year will get a 100% scholarship covering their tuition for the first year.

Only students demonstrating the best community spirit, self-motivation and abilities during the Hyperspace test will be invited to join us!

What is the Hyperspace?
icon1-88bf068ab454a9e3629df8e2e70fd57a Intek's entrance test
Pass the Hyperspace to access the main program.
icon2-42d3e94a3335212d283f25d651399156 2-week Python training
Learn the basics of programming.
icon3-ffff69cc1b93689750940abce391fd47 7 days a week
Sorry, no days off!
icon4-dd6c127841af85bc23a47cccc3761882 Zero to Hero
No programming experience required.

The Hyperspace is free, but beware, it is not for the faint of heart! For two weeks you will eat, sleep and breathe code all day long, seven days a week. You will be given many challenges, little directions, and you will have to find your own way to overcome obstacles!

You will not be alone though; the community will be by your side, going through the same challenges, helping you, supporting you and encouraging you every step of the way.

Hyperspace 1
3-16 December, 2018
17-30 December, 2018

Academic year starting in February 2019

Why choose Intek?
  • A collaborative environment close to an actual workplace
  • Work-ready skills to kick-start your career
  • Mentoring by professional engineers
  • Pursue your own interests and your dream career
  • More than an engineering education: an education for life!
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