Tuition & financial aid - Intek

Financial information

At Intek we believe in diversity and in making the best education possible available to talented students regardless of their financial status.

Students enrolling during the Flagship Year will be the pioneers of a new kind of tech education in Vietnam - an education that equips students with work-ready skills in a collaborative & professional environment. Only students displaying the best spirit, self-motivation and abilities during the Hyperspace will be accepted into the Flagship Year.

- Flagship year (academic year 2018-2019)

All students accepted into Intek will receive a scholarship covering their tuition fee during the Flagship Year. Up to 70 students will be taken in during the Flagship Year.

- Academic year 2019-2020

The tuition fee for the second year is set at 175,000,000 vnd; a rate which allows us to provide an optimal learning experience for our students. Intek will help out students in difficult situations - scholarships will be awarded to up to 30% of the students -, depending on their financial situation and their performance during the first year.

The last six months of our 2.5 years program, which are months of professional integration, are not subjected to a tuition fee.

Please contact us for detailed information on our scholarship program.