Program - Intek

Intek's curriculum is designed to accommodate both tech beginners and individuals who have programming experience. Core projects are complemented by advanced theory and supplementary projects so that students of all levels will find challenges in our courses.

Our program is a rigorous full-time curriculum combining terms of practical learning at Intek with regular internships. Studying at Intek is intensive and demanding. Beginners are expected to work up to 60 hours a week, and students need to be available on selected weekends for special projects and hackathons.

The first four months (the "Common Core") - including the summer Hyperspace – are the same for all students. Everyone learns the basics of software development and system administration. Over the course of several projects, students will gain a deep understanding of the professional roles of software developers and system administrators.

Curriculum choice
After the initial Common Core, with the help of career counselling and support from mentors, students choose their path: software engineering or DevOps engineering.

Software engineering

This path will give you all the tools to be a sought-after software engineer. By collaborating on and producing industry-level projects, you will develop a work ethic and a methodology that will give you the foundation for a long and successful career.

The course includes:

  • Data structures & algorithms
  • Web development
  • System programming
  • Security
  • Data science
Detailed curriculum

DevOps engineering
curriculum Opening in 2019

This path prepares you for a global career in system administration. Your skills will be validated by professional certifications, which will be an invaluable asset for you in the IT job market, particularly in open source environments.

The course includes:

  • Advanced Linux administration
  • Network & Security
  • Cloud administration
  • Virtualization
  • DevOps practices
Detailed curriculum