Corporate Partners - Intek

About our partners

They are key industry actors, they know the ASEAN market like the back of their hand, and they have decided to support us.

Our partners share our belief that the time has come for a new kind of tech education; one that is connected to the real-world and prepares adequately for the challenges of a booming tech industry.

They are in need of high-performing, experienced engineers who can innovate and propel their businesses to the next level, and they trust us to build the right people.

Why hire an Intek student ?

Intek students do not merely learn engineering as a discipline - they learn to think, act and solve like engineers. As they lead and complete projects, they learn how to collaborate and develop the habits of leading professionals.

Our innovative learning model focuses on developing students into well-rounded individuals, making them:

  • Technically mature
  • They have practiced their craft intensively for two years and are ready to tackle any project.

  • Team players
  • They know success of the team comes first and they give team members total support.

  • Adaptable & creative
  • They are able to face complex challenges and innovate with confidence.

  • Good communicators
  • They are able to explain, understand and interact with all stakeholders.

  • Independent & self-motivated
  • They are always looking for ways to improve themselves.

  • Highly responsible
  • Committed to hitting deadlines.

Our students’ technical and soft skills are developed alongside each other because both are vital for the modern tech industry.

By the time they graduate, Intek students have acquired superb technical expertise complemented with the skills needed for leadership in the modern workplace.

This balanced profile makes an Intek graduate the perfect asset for any high-performance team.

What people say about us
Picture of Viet Tung Hoang
“In the grand tech picture of ASEAN, the industry is booming, the talents are full of potential, but the education is still lagging behind. Intek introduces their unique pedagogy for the first time in Vietnam, encouraging adaptive learning to change the traditional education.”

Viet Tung HOANG

Founder & CEO at Synova Solutions
Picture of Vincent Capa
“We are thrilled to see such education program made available in Vietnam and to collaborate with INTEK. Through a focus on project based learning and soft skills development, INTEK engineers will be able to adapt well to the reality of IT companies' needs. We are looking forward to hiring our 1st INTEK graduates.”

Sebastien Auligny

Vice-President Southeast Asia at Gameloft
Picture of Raphael Mazoyer
“Intek demonstrates a sharp sense for the potential of candidates, they select people who bring the right attitude and skillset. I look forward to seeing more engineers trained and empowered to take leadership roles in the future !”

Raphael Mazoyer

Director of engineering & product at Evasion