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The optimal learning environment for your career path

A student-centered approach to answer industry needs.

The tech industry is booming and changing, and so the job market for engineers is a dynamic one. However, successful companies are looking for more than just technical expertise in their engineers. They want people who work well together to find solutions that push boundaries and exceed expectations. Engineers need to be superb technicians and highly collaborative. They need both hard and soft skills to give them the edge in an extremely competitive field.

Meanwhile, students often find themselves bored in learning environments that are centered around exam results. Traditional education methods often fail to stimulate curious minds, leaving students who crave a more active role in their learning unfulfilled. Students who are inspired through an exciting and varied study program are the ones who will go on to succeed in their chosen careers.

Intek is the bridge between passionate career-minded students and the tech industry.

Our approach

Project-based learning

We have a hands-on approach to learning that gives students a key advantage when starting their career in the tech industry. You will learn by doing the work engineers do so instead of just coding, you will solve problems. You will learn to see the bigger picture and bring your analytical skills to the table.

Soft skills acquisition

Professional engineers need to collaborate, express themselves clearly and understand people from varied backgrounds. These skills are not innate; they are practiced and nurtured. Intek helps students to develop this aspect of their skillset.


Learning and fun are not contradictory! By using game mechanics we offer a playful experience that stimulates student engagement and autonomy. Students are ready to tackle any challenge, while always pushing the limits of their knowledge.
Students !

What you can expect from us

  • An effective preparation for the workplace
  • A fun, stimulating and helpful culture
  • Challenging, industry-level projects
  • 1:1 mentoring to support and guide you

What we expect from you

  • Curiosity and a willingness to experiment
  • Intensive study and hard work
  • Commitment to the Intek community’s success
  • Self-awareness and empathy for your colleagues