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INTEK in Ho Chi Minh City is home base for the next generation of skilled IT professionals. Intek has a genuine approach to learning that is very different from traditional universities.

Our role is not to impart knowledge (that is why we do not have classes or lectures), but to guide our students on the path to autonomy. We want them to learn how to learn as they will need these skills to face the digital revolution.

We turn our students into outstanding Software and DevOps engineers who are fully operational after graduation. Because we all learn best when we are passionate about our subject, Intek nurtures motivation and engagement by providing a highly immersive and business-ready learning eco-system. We care about our students and their future careers. We want them to fulfill their potential.

No programming experience is required, but you must be ready to work hard.
Our students can explore their passion, reveal their talent and get the skills they will need for the job.

Learning Model

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Incubate Talent &
Boost Creativity

Become Business &

Project based learning

Soft Skills Acquisition

Gamified Learning Path

Boosting Creativity & Innovation

Community Driven

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Our programs are structured around two streams to form a full immersive business-ready learning eco-system.


Our core IT Engineering curriculum is an intensive 2.5 year program, including a final six-month internship leading to a professional career in the tech industry.


Our extra-curriculum service portfolio offers enriching in-house programs that allow our students to experience and engage with startups, leaders and industry experts.

What They Say About Us


Founder & CEO at Synova Solutions

“In the grand tech picture of ASEAN, the industry is booming, the talents are full of potential, but the education is still lagging behind. Intek introduces their unique pedagogy for the first time in Vietnam, encouraging adaptive learning to change the traditional education."


Vice-President Southeast Asia at Gameloft

“We are thrilled to see such education program made available in Vietnam and to collaborate with INTEK. Through a focus on project based learning and soft skills development, INTEK engineers will be able to adapt well to the reality of IT companies' needs. We are looking forward to hiring our 1st INTEK graduates."

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23-24 October 2018

Smart IOT

Sheraton Saigon Hotel

FLC Luxury Resort Quy Nhon

REX Hotel Saigon

Dreamplex 195 - Ho Chi Minh City

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The Survival Mode is a key element in our admission process. It is an opportunity for us to observe our student candidates and see how they interact with peers. It will allow us to decide if they have the right mindset to follow our learning program for the next two years. The right candidates, who have a high chance of success in our environment, will be invited to study at INTEK Institute. Do you have what it takes to be an INTEKer ? ENROLL NOW!

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INTEK in Ho Chi Minh City is home base for the next generation of skilled IT professionals. We want our students to learn how to learn as they will need these skills to face the digital revolution.

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248A No Trang Long, Ward 12, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

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