The Hyperspace - a selective coding bootcamp - Intek

Two weeks to prove yourself

Experience our educational model from the inside - and unleash your power.

Following the online application, selected candidates are invited to take part in the last step of the selection process – the Hyperspace. Congratulations! You are about to experience one of the most intensive – but rewarding – two weeks of your life.

Python coding boot camp

Complete introduction to Python.
Program run entirely in English; Vietnamese-speaking mentors are available to help you.

Zero to hero

No programming experience required.
If you can pass our online tests, you are good to go!

7 days a week

Sorry, no days off!
The Institute is open everyday from 6am to midnight, you can organise your schedule flexibly.

The Hyperspace takes place during the summer at the Intek Institute in Ho Chi Minh-City. It is an immersive two-week program where you will learn the basics of programming with Python. We will take you from writing your first lines of code to producing your first programs - in just two weeks!

Along the way you will experience the full extent of our teaching methodology. Completing projects, working in teams and a continuous pushing of knowledge limits lie at the heart of the Hyperspace learning experience.

Working Students

Be warned. The Hyperspace is intensive. For two weeks you will eat, sleep and breathe code seven days a week. You will not be alone though; the community will be by your side, going through the same challenges, helping you, supporting you and encouraging you every step of the way.

The Hyperspace is more than a boot camp. It is a life experience where you discover community spirit and teamwork, as well as the highs and lows of a trial-and-error approach to programming.

It will be hard. You will often struggle and feel frustrated but in the end you will discover if you have the aptitude to become a skilled computer engineer.


The Hyperspace is a key element in our admissions process. It is the chance for us to observe you and how you interact with peers. It will allow us to decide if you have the right mindset to follow our learning program for the next two years. The right candidates, who have a high chance of succeeding in our environment, will be invited to study at the Intek Institute.

Do you have what it takes to be an Intek student ?

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