Gamification - Intek

An exciting and stimulating learning environment

Master professional skills through a fun and challenging gaming experience.

One of our key priorities is to give you as much autonomy as possible in your studies. When we learn to be independent in our quest for knowledge, learning simply never ends; leading to a life rich with opportunities and achievement!

At Intek we encourage students to direct their own learning in a stimulating environment. This environment is where gamification takes its roots: presenting the curriculum like a game is the key to student engagement and autonomy. It supports our educational principle that students learn best when they are actively engaged in activities meaningful to them.

How does it work ?

Most games are fun because they offer challenges to tackle alone or with other players. They let you solve problems of increasing difficulty, and the more you play the better you get – right through to that final epic win.

We have taken the best from the world of games and turned the curriculum into a digital playground. At Intek, students explore, complete quests, challenge others and co-operate with their fellow students. This does not mean that we do not take learning seriously – quite the contrary. We take both learning and fun very seriously, because we realise the two complement each other to breed success.

Game elements
Project tree
Complete the core projects quickly to unlock bonus projects and develop your skills even further.
Compete against other students in programming duels. Who will be the ultimate programmer?!
Complete quests in a limited time frame, alone or with your friends, and enjoy the satisfaction of completing tasks and goals.
Memory usage, algorithm performance, execution time... there are so many ways to compare your programs and compete against fellow students.
Earn rewards for great achievements and in-game successes. Collect badges as you progress and wear them with pride!
Competencies points
Claim competency points for successful completion of projects. The more projects you complete, the more your progress bars grow – and the more you will master the skills of programming.