Intek's admissions process - Intek

We are looking for committed people

Prior experience of developing/tech is not necessary but you must be ready to work hard and study well.

Our admission process is about identifying people who will blossom in our learning program. You do not need previous programming or IT experience. However, you must be prepared to work hard, not just on technical issues but also on your own performance.

You must have a mindset of personal development, have empathy for those around you and be open to change. You also need to hold yourself and your fellow students accountable to the same level of excellence. It is not just about you, it is about the community learning together as a team.

Online application
Candidates apply online. All applications are welcome – there are no minimum requirements. On a first come-first served basis, candidates will be asked to take an English test, a problem-solving test and will also be asked about their motivations and objectives. Successful candidates - those who have passed the tests and shown they are likely to shine within our learning program - are invited to join the Hyperspace.
Final selection
After the Hyperspace we review each candidate’s application and select the students who have a high chance of succeeding in our environment. Following selection, candidates are invited to become students at Intek and begin their journey to a career in computer engineering.
Course choices
Upon completion of the Common Core, and with the help of career counseling and support from mentors, students chose one of two paths: software engineering or system administration. From this point, you are now taking the first steps in your new career. Congratulations!
The Hyperspace
The Hyperspace is an immersive two-week program that takes place during the summer. It is a key element in our admission process as it determines the outcome of candidate applications. The Hyperspace allows us to observe candidates and to identify which people will be best suited to our curriculum. Equally, by experiencing Intek’s teaching style, candidates get an insight into our courses and can decide if this will be a suitable learning environment for them.
Common Core
The school year begins in September, with the first three months of the curriculum the same for all students. The Common Core gives you a grounding in the basics of software development and system administration so you have an understanding of the job roles in these areas.