Computer engineering Institute in HCMC - Intek

Innovative programs for IT talents

Experience a new way of learning, and become an experienced software engineer in 2.5 years.
Participate in the Hyperspace - our 2-week, intensive, Python training - to get a chance to be part of the Flagship Year.
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Next Hyperspace : December 3 - December 16, 2018


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Soft skills

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An innovative education for individuals who are ready to level up.

Our Institute in HCMC hosts the next generation of skilled computer engineers.

We turn students into outstanding software engineers and DevOps engineers who are fully ready after graduation. Because we learn best when we are passionate about what we do, Intek nurtures motivation and engagement by providing a highly immersive learning environment. We care about our students and their career. We want you to fulfill your potential.

No programming experience is required, but you must be ready to work hard.

Rooted in long-standing psychology research, our learning model brings together the best practices of educational innovation. We develop further a model that already proved itself in Europe and the US.


Our curriculum is hands-on, you are active and learn by solving problems.


Intek mentors support and guide you on a 1:1 basis.


The curriculum is structured in the style of a game. You engage, compete and progress!


You work with other students - in teams, cooperating to find actual solutions - like professionals do.

Technical excellence

Our project-based curriculum, combined with your hard work, will give you the confidence and technical knowledge to become an expert in your field.

Soft skills

Technical excellence is not enough; an expert who can not work in a team is worthless to a company. You will develop skills that are critical to career success, such as communication, leadership and critical thinking.


At Intek you are part of a community that thrives on excellence. Our supportive and inclusive environment will boost your motivation and learning curve.
We provide an education connected to the real world. An education that fully prepares students for the life ahead of them.

Career Opportunities

After one year at Intek, students can work as junior back-end/front-end developers.

After two years and a half at Intek (which includes 10 months of professional integration), Intek students are ready for high-level jobs requiring two years of experience, English speaking skills, soft skills, and of course technical skills.

Software engineering graduates can apply for positions such as: Mobile developer, Data scientist, Full-stack web developer, Game developer, Embedded systems engineer and Systems analyst.

DevOps engineering graduates can apply for positions such as: System administrator, Security analyst, Network engineer, Virtualization engineer, Cloud engineer, DevOps/SRE engineer.